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Fall is my favorite time of year.  It’s so funny because I remember as a kid when myself and my siblings would all be crammed in the back of my parents car my mom would oh an ah over the colors of Fall and how it was her “Favorite time of year!!” Now that I am an adult and actually appreciate a lot of what life can give us and the colors of the world God has painted I find myself saying the exact same thing as my Mom.  I love Fall, I love everything about it.  I love the changing leaves, the cool air, sweatshirts and boots, pumpkins and decor and of course, I am obsessed with anything flavored pumpkin.

I also love Fall because in the start of the season (Before it gets too cold) its the best time for Ford.  He can breathe easy in cooler air and we can enjoy a lot of what Fall has to bring together. We can hang out on the porch or under his pavilion and swing. The colors of the leaves around our house turned so bright last Tuesday and I just had to snap a picture.   We can enjoy the scenery we have around us on our land from our back yard or front.


We also have come to start traditions in our family and some of those come during Fall.

I love to bake which is a passion I believe Ford shares with me  He really like to operate the mixer with his switch.  So every year we make pumpkin cookies with an amazing buttercream frosting.



Another tradition we like to do is taking Ford to the pumpkin farm.  We went to a new one this year and Ford loved it.  It was called Yeck’s Farm and the owners were such a nice older couple.  They came over and talked with Ford and told him all about the Turkeys.  This farm had a corn maze which is something Ford has never done before and was very excited about.  We looked at pumpkins and Ford picked out three for us to carve.  Then we walked around back to look at all the animals.  They had turkeys, goats, a sheep and a donkey.  Around back is also where the corn maze was which we actually had all to ourselves.  Mommy got a work out pushing Ford’s stroller up the hills.


Look how crazy these pumpkins wereunnamed-7


Here is the amazing corn maze


Another tradition we like to do is to carve our pumpkins that Ford chose at the farm.  We did this last weekend.  Ford helped Daddy dig out all the pumpkin guts and then Daddy carved.  Of course we had to switch over to actual knives so Ford couldn’t help with this part.  I don’t know why I buy those carving kits every year when the little knives bend with your first cut.   But once Daddy was done carving Ford helped push the eyes and nose through.  Grandma carved a pumpkin as well and here are our finished works.




And lastly we always make Ford’s nurses and therapist some good Halloween treats. This year we made caramel and chocolate covered apples.  Look how yummy these look!!!


This is Ford also got to participate in his schools’ Halloween party!  He absolutely loves school this year and he is doing amazing.  The party was in the afternoon but the whole school day consisted of different Halloween activities. In the morning they played bingo, did fun worksheets and made crafts.


In the afternoon the kids passed out their treats to each other which Ford really loved.


After passing out candy the students all changed into their costumes for the class party.  The class played a bunch of fun games which Ford was able to be included in. Miss Smith came to the classroom and stood next to the Vgo to play the games for Ford.  After the games they did a costume parade through the school and outside so all the parents could see the costumes.  The Vgo’s connection will not reach outside so Miss Smith called us via Facetime so that Ford could be included in the parade.


Fall has been so great and we enjoyed doing so many things and making many memories. We hope that everyone had an amazing Fall as well and enjoys that coming holidays!!


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  1. So glad to see how well Ford is doing and how much he enjoys school. I would love to meet this amazing little guy one day!

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