Ford’s Halloween Costume

Coming up with Ford’s Halloween costume is something I look forward to every year.  This year I was a bit behind after getting everything ready for Ford’s Luau birthday party in September.  I am usually on the ball way before his birthday with at least an idea.  I’ll tell you what, going to school with Ford every day takes up a lot of time.  My dirty house can be my witness!!  So after Ford’s 6th birthday celebration was over I had to put my thinking cap on and come up with something. We have done so many cool things in the past and I wanted this year to be just as good.  Here are some past costumes that we have done if you are new to our blog.



Everyone knows Ford’s love for super heroes (he gets it from his Daddy) so I thought maybe we could do something with his favorite super hero, Thor.  But them I remembered that I took pictures of him as Thor for his 3rd birthday Superhero party.  So with the release of the new Captain America vs Iron Man Civil War I thought about a fight scene.  When we watched the movie we had decided we were Team Captain America so how cool to do a fight scene with Captain America and Iron Man.  I searched the internet for a picture to inspire me and I found one that I loved.


So I began to think about how I could make this scene come to life. This was going to be a great option because Ford is still able to be put on his sides so we could replicate a fight scene with him.  I bought Ford’s Captain America costume and started looking for an Iron Man cutout.  Can you believe that I could not find a single Iron Man cardboard cutout that had a side view.  Everything was him standing straight ahead with his hands either at his sides or one hand out .  So we gave up on this idea and started looking for some other inspiration.  I found this other great picture and we decided that this was it.  Ford was the focal point of the picture and it was going to be an amazing shot.


I started gathering items I needed to create a background that was similar to this and searched the internet for all the members of Team Cap.  Now I know that this picture shows Agent 13 but Scott thought that we should put Black Widow in the picture instead because in the end she supports Team Cap!!  My mother in law helped me paint the background on sheets and then I used that spider webbing for the fog.

On Sunday we decided we would take Ford’s pictures.  I originally was going to try and keep Ford’s head to the side as that is what is most comfortable for him to control his secretions but then he was able to put his head midline long enough for us to snap some good pictures.  He was really trying to wiggle his head back and forth too which is always great to see him working so hard to move things.  So here are his amazing Halloween pictures for 2016!!




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