Team Ford at Riverside Elementary

Ford started Kindergarten last year at Riverside Elementary School and since he started every day has been an adventure.  Ford’s class and his teacher have been amazing the entire year and this week has been no short of spectacular.

Before Christmas Ford’s teacher Mrs. Sharek approached me about doing some type of fundraiser for Ford to spread SMA Awareness throughout his school.  The time came and Mrs. Sharek decided that they were going to sell Team Ford bracelets the week of May 1st and then the whole school Kindergarten  through 5th grades would wear those bracelets and Ford’s favorite color blue on Friday.

The support that Ford’s school showed throughout the week was amazing and they actually ran out of bracelets on Wednesday. I was told that getting a Team Ford bracelet was a must have item!! Today was Friday and the day everyone in the school was to wear blue to show their support for Team Ford and the students did not disappoint!!

Here are pictures that the primary teachers took throughout the day.

We want to thank Mrs. Sharek and the Riverside School District for the support that they have shown Ford not only this week but throughout the school year.  We are so happy that the parents of Ford’s classmates showed their support in allowing their children to purchase bracelets.  I am so grateful that their have been so many people touched by Ford and his story and I am so excited that there are more families who have learned about SMA through this experience.

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