Christmas Mail

This year we wanted to start some new traditions with Ford around the holidays.  We tried to have fun around Thanksgiving and do a thankful tree with Ford but he was not impressed with the idea.  He didn’t seem interested.

So…this year for Christmas we decided that we get Ford a his very own mailbox

Who doesn’t like to get mail right?  We asked anyone willing to send Ford Chirstmas cards to put in his mail box so he could check it every day.  He has gotten quite a few letters so far and he seems to be enjoying this tradition much better.

Our routine is to do Ford’s morning treatment and then he does some sling work.  Once Ford’s morning feed is done we put him in his stroller and go right his mailbox in the living room.   He loves holding the letters by himself.  We open the letters together and I read him the messages and show him the pictures.

I am glad that Ford is enjoying getting mail in his mailbox.  If you would like to send Ford a Christmas card please email me at to get our address.

Merry Christmas!!!


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