What is SMA?

What is SMA?

There is currently NO treatment and NO cure for SMA!

Spinal Muscular Atrohpy (SMA) is a genetic motor neuron disease which affects a child’s voluntary muscles.  Infants with SMA are born with weak muscles and muscle tone which progessively worsen over time.  Ford has Type 1 which affects a child’s ability to crawl, sit, walk, eat, swallow and even breathe.  There are four types of SMA; Type 1,2,3 and 4 which are categorized by the severity and age of the onset of symptoms.

Type 1: Onset of symptoms at 0-6 months of age

Type 2: Onset of symptoms at 7-18 months of age

Type 3: Onset of symptoms at 18 months or greater

Type 4: Onset of symptoms in Adulthood

SMA Statistics:

-SMA is the #1 Genetic KILLER of infants under the age of 2.

-1 in 6,000 babies are born with SMA.

-1 in 40 people “unknowingly” carry the gene responsible for SMA.

-SMA does not affect the mind and those with SMA are of normal or high intelligence and are very social.

Am I a Carrier?

Scott and I did not know that we were carriers for SMA before we had Ford however,  a blood test can be requested to find out if you are a carrier of SMA.  SMA is a recessive disorder meaning that both parents must be carriers for their child to be affected.  There is a 1 in 4 or 25% chance that a child will be born with SMA when both parents are carriers or there is a 50% chance that your child will be a carrier themselves. Genetic testing for SMA is not including in regular pregnancy screenings however the test can be requested.

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  1. I am so glad that your precious Ford has been born into a family full of love – that is what I kept thinking as I watched his movie. You all are doing your upmost for him and it is beautiful ! Thanks for taking such good care of him and telling/showing him that Jesus Loves Him ! How is Ford doing now?

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