Grandpa Dennis you are a true HERO….We will forever miss you and can’t wait to see you again in Heaven.

5/20/53 – 3/15/12

Dennis K Morris, Ford’s Grandpa was a kind and gentle soul. He was very humble and I know that he is looking down on us and wishing that we were not giving him the attention he deserves.  Dennis put his faith above all else and instilled this value in his family.  His family meant the world to him and his love was unconditional. He sacrificed so much every day to help those in need whether it be family, friends, neighbors or even people he didn’t know.   He did this without ever expecting something in return; he just enjoyed helping those in need.

Ford’s Grandpa knew how to do everything and he taught Ford’s daddy everything he knows.  Ford’s dad is the man he is today because of his father.  Ford’s Grandpa enjoyed life and he had many interests and hobbies.  He loved to fish, hunt, weld, garden, play guitar and saxophone. He loved logging, making breads and jerky, taking photographs, working on cars, flying air planes and even enjoyed bee keeping.  What he loved most however was preaching and missions work.  He shared the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world from the Dominican Republic to Ecuador and on a daily basis.  His life shone with the love of our Lord and Savior.

In the eyes of Ford’s family Grandpa Dennis was a Hero; someone who unselfishly, without even thinking would give up everything, even his own life for something or someone.  Ford’s grandpa lived up to that honor on March 15,, 2012 when he gave his own life to save the life of his grandson Ford.  My husband was home alone when a fire broke out at our home. He and was able to get Ford out of the house but Ford cannot be left alone due to having a genetic degenerative disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1.  Ford’s uses a cough assist to help him cough because he is unable to do it on his own.  Ford’s needs suction constantly because he is unable to control his own secretions.

Ford’s grandpa heroically ran into our house to save all of Ford’s medical equipment.  Grandpa Dennis did not stop until he retrieved every piece of life saving equipment Ford uses on a daily basis.  Ford’s Grandpa died saving Ford’s life and we could never thank him enough.  I know he wouldn’t even want us to thank him and I know that he would say that he would do the same again.   I hope that he knows how truly thankful we are for his sacrifice and unconditional love towards his family and grandson.

Ford’s Grandpa loved him so much.  He couldn’t wait to get cleaned up from whatever he was doing to come to our house to see Ford.  He loved singing song with Ford and rubbing his legs.  He held Ford’s hands above his ear so Ford could feel it.  Ford loves to feel his ear because it makes him laugh all the time.  Grandpa loved to watch Ford move in his slings and swim in his hot tub.  I know that Grandpa Dennis wanted to teach Ford so many things and I know he will get the chance when we get to Heaven.

Ford’s Grandpa taught our family so much.  He taught us what it meant to love unconditionally and to show the love of Christ to those around us.  Grandpa Dennis prayed for us and prayed with us. He was a man who built your faith up when you felt like all hope had left you.  His faith was displayed in his actions and he asked God daily to heal our son of SMA. Dennis’s faith was unwavering and he demonstrated this faith as he was praying before he took his last breath.  I know he was asking God to continue to watch over and protect his family and I bet he was still asking God to heal Ford’s body.

I hope that it only seems like a moment in time before we are with him again in Heaven.  Our family does find comfort in knowing that Grandpa is where is wants to be.  I can picture him sitting at the throne of God worshipping him for all of his days.  “Better is one day in your courts, better is one day in your house, better is one day in your courts then a thousand elsewhere”.   We can’t wait to see you again and thanks for being our HERO.

Dear Grandpa,

I wanted to tell you thank you for loving me the way you did while you were here with me.  Thank you for being such a wonderful Grandpa. Thank you for looking at me like I was perfect even though my body is so fragile.  Thank you for praying for me and asking God to heal me.  Thank you for playing with me and singing songs with me on my little boom box. Thank you for teaching me what it means to love.  I know there were many other things that you wanted to teach me as a young boy.  Wait for me in Heaven so when I get there you can teach me all the things were didn’t get to do.  I am glad I got to be your grandson and I will miss you forever.  Thank you for saving my life, you are my Hero.

Love, Ford

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  1. What a Beautiful Tribute to a special man! We know what it’s like to lose someone you cherish, the journey is beyond human capacity without the Love of Christ…No doubt the Father above will see you through and carry everyone when the journey gets too difficult. Heaven will be even more special to you now. I highly recommend the book “Heaven is for Real” By Todd Burpo, it will give you a glimpse into heaven. God’s Continued Blessings!

  2. This is so touching! What a wonderful person Fords grandpa was. He is now your angel,watching over all of you daily. We are praying for you guys.

    Love and hugs from Nebraska
    Matthew Cortney and Ayden

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your amazing father and grandfather!!!! Your words said it perfectly and left me with tears.
    Thinking of your family …..
    Gina Bish and family

  4. Oh Kayla, this was beautiful and we are trusting with Dennis and all of you that the Lord will heal Ford! Our God is able!! My parents and I were talking today how through Dennis’s homegoing…the word is all over the newspapers and TV about little Ford and SMA. Trusting the Lord to give you comfort during this time and thank you for sharing about Dennis as a grandpa! Love and prayers, Brenda

  5. What a beautiful tribute. We don’t often have someone come into our lives who we would consider a hero, but Dennis was just that…in many ways. It is wonderful to know how much he influenced his family (and friends) spiritually. Though we grieve his loss, what a blessing to know he is with the Lord…

  6. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man and one of my favorite cousins, Dennis. I imagine he and Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe along with Jandy are rejoicing around the Throne. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your beautiful family. God’s Grace will carry you through these dark days, and one day we will all rejoice around the Throne.

  7. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute to Ford’s grandfather, Dennis. He selflessly knew he needed to get Ford and his equipment out of your home safely, not thinking of his own danger. Ultimate love!

  8. What a beautiful and touching tribute to a beautiful soul that has not only touched your lives but the lives of so many others. The kind and wise words spoken by Dennis to your family have also been experienced by many others who were fortunate enough to cross paths with him. May we all continue to learn from him what it truly means to be servants of the Lord.


  10. Kayla,
    I am so sorry for your family’s suffering. Ford’s grandpa sounds like a wonderful man. How blessed your family has been to have such a Godly and faith filled man to set such a Christ-like example for you all! I can’t imagine how you must all be missing him, and I’ll be praying that God will comfort and fill you all with His peace, that is beyond our comprehension, as you get through these difficult days. Love to you, Mary Bodzo

  11. we will always think about dennis just like he was a hero,i never met someone like him and he will always be in our hearts ,he was a blessing for all of us.

  12. Kayla, you have such a wonderful way with words.. Your tribute to my cousin Dennis was so heartfelt and beautiful. He was a wonderful man and I’m sure you all miss him terribly.He was such an inspiration to all who knew him. I didn’t get to meet you at the funeral but feel like I know you from your posts. I am praying for Ford and your family. May God give you all peace.

  13. Beutiful tribute, he was very courage, humble, he love to spread the words of God, he love so much to to talk about our powerful God, i will never forget him, your words said it perfectly and left me with tears, because reading these wordsi remember him sharing the word of God, being lovely and humble, praying for everyones needs, and very courage. he teach me so much, he really was a father for me, it´s hard to know i won´t see him again here, but i´m sure i will see him in haven! he was an example for me. thank you lord for allow us to know him.

  14. I just came across your web site and I couldn’t help but be moved emotionally as I read this about Dennis Morris. Many great memories flooded my mind. I knew the Morris family because of Mahaffey Camp. My family had a cottage at Mahaffey as did the Morris family. From a baby until I was 21 or 22 I never missed family camp. I got to know Dennis more during my teenage years. He was probably 2 years younger than me. Reading this about Dennis, after not seeing him for over 40 years and loosing contact, has been both a real blessing and sad news to me . What a Christian man!!. I can certainly understand the heavy hearts of his love ones as they think of him. I know God will sustain you. It is also a blessing to see your family following God as Dennis did.

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