To donate to Fight for Ford you send your donation to the address below

Fight for Ford

PO Box 2

Zelienople PA 16063



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  1. Dear Sneizak family,

    As my husband and I lost everything in the San Diego fires of 2007, we understand that devastation. I cannot fathom having lost a life in that fire along with all the “stuff.” But your father/grandfather was undoubtedly a great man, to have suffered from smoke inhalation while not given up or in to his own suffering to forge ahead to save Ford. My husband and I hope that with our small donation that it will help even a little bit, to get you back on the road to a warm and safe environment.

    After our fire, there were people, strangers, who donated items and money to us, and we remain forever grateful. My only regret now in donating to your family is that it isn’t more.

    God bless your family,

    Jo Monteleone and Bob Manning

  2. was wanting to know if this family needs any kind of medical supplies? we have a vast variety of supplies here I could send….example: suction cath (12fr.), gtube extensions for a mickey button, chucks, and more. Please let me know if any supplies are needed. THanks and may god be with this family and many prayers coming their way!!

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